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Handmade In Germany


classical pram with unremovable solid tub

Handmade In Germany
  • ClassicA
  • ClassicA

Your HESBA-Pram has these functions

Classical pram with solid tub

Pram: learn more
Note: In contrast to the other models, the solid tub of the ClassicA model cannot be used as a carrycot. It is not removable.

Fabric and leather variations

Here you can find a selection of our exterior and interior fabrics. The authorised retailer near you will be happy to advice you and creates your individual HESBA pram together with you. All fabrics comply with the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.

Fabric variations, exterior

Leather variations

Fabric variations, interior

Außenstoff Uni-Farben
Leinen sandbeige
Leinen beige
Soft-Techno rot
Leinen marine
Popeline marine
Strukturstreifen marine
Strukturtechno marine
Leinen dunkelgrün
J´Green anthrazit
Leinen grau
Leinen steingrau
Strukturtechno espresso
ST-Popeline schwarz
Außenstoff 2-farbig
Leinen sandbeige gesteppt
J´Green weinrot gesteppt
Soft-Techno rot gesteppt m. Paspel weiß
Leinen Pflaume m.Paspel weiß
Pop.Pkt.+Pop. marine m. Paspel weiß
Popeline Punkte + Popeline marine
Pop. marine+Steppstoff Paspel weiß im Verdeck
Techno marine Wulst rot/Paspel weiß
Pop. marine m. Wulst vichy-karo grau
Strukturtechno marine mit Paspel weiß
Soft-Techno blau gesteppt
Popeline marine gesteppt
Pop.marine gesteppt m.Wulst Vichy-Karo marine
J´Green blau gesteppt
Leinen dunkelgrün m. Paspel weiß
J´Green anthrazit m.Paspel weiß
Leinen grau Paspel Vichy-Karo grau
Leinen steingrau mit Paspel weiß
Leinen steingrau mit Wulst Popeline schwarz
Pop.Punkte+Pop.schlamm m.Paspel weiß
Pop. Punkte m. Pop uni schlamm
Pop. schlamm gesteppt
ST-Pop.schwarz m. Glencheck + Paspel grün

Example variations

To make the choice a little easier, you can find some example combinations here that show you what your pram could look like.

ClassicA C/SL-250 785/705
ClassicA C/SL-250 594/225
ClassicA C/SL-250 596/548
ClassicA C/SW-SL-2/25 637/266
ClassicA-LE C/SL-250 581/110 LG hellbraun
The delivery of your Hesba-ClassicA-Pram includes
1hood 2solid tub
3pram frame
5rain cover
For more information you can check the manual.
The delivery of the accessory pushchair attachment includes
1pushchair attachment
2safety bar
3extension piece for canopy

For more information you can check the manual.

Technical details:

size of solid tub lying area: 80cm x 35cm x 21cm
pram height: 119 cm / chassis type wheels 250  |  121 cm / chassis type wheels 300
pram lenght including solid tub: 82 cm
pram length including pushchair attachment: 95 cm
Chassis collapsed including wheels without pram: L 83cm / B 60 cm /H 43-45 cm (depending on tire size)
Chassis collapsed including wheels and pram: L 83cm / B 60cm / H 51 cm folded H 62 cm unfolded (at wheel size 250)
Chassis collapsed including wheels and pushchair attachment: L 95cm / B 60cm / H 57-59cm (depending on tire size), without wheels H=47 cm
Wheels: All wheels have chrome-plated rims and chrome-plated metal spokes. Our pneumatic tyres and the wheels without tyre tube come with a ball bearing.
Lying area in the pushchair attachment: 32 x 90 cm, with accessories Backrest extension 32 x 94 cm
Height of the backrest: 42 cm, with accessories backrest extension 48 cm
Weight complete pram 15 kg , solid tub weight: 5 kg

Care instructions:

Care instructions
The mattress cover, the lining “wash" of the carrycot (or solid tub for model ClassicA), bedding, seat (without leather), belt cushion and the fabric of the safety bracket can be removed and washed at 30°C in the washing machine using a mild detergent. Do not spin. Not suitable for tumble dryers. Velcro straps must be closed.
Outer fabrics: Dust and small amounts of dirt can be removed with a soft cloth or a soft brush. Larger stains or amounts of dirt can be removed with a soap solution up to 30°C and a soft cloth. The damply canopy should be clamped for drying, after cleaning.
Care instruction for wheels: See fabrics; a soft brush can be used for wheels. The tyre pressure must be checked regularly but must not exceed 30 PSI / 2.0 bar. To get a permanent comfort the pneumatic tyres and the wheels without tyre tube should be treated with a silicon-free spray on the axle. EVA wheels should be treated with grease.
Care instructions:Leather: For regular leather care we recommend Keralux Leather Care and Cleaning. Leather Care from Keralux

Care instructions for chrome-plated parts:

To clean the frame a soft cloth should be used. Only the chrome-plated parts and the parts with bright zinc coating should be treated (to maintain and to protect properly the gloss level and the surface) with a commercially available cleaning or polishing agent (e.g. „SIDOL-Metallpolitur“).
In winter road salt residues particularly on the wheels and the flat oval tube bend including shafts and wire basket must be removed immediately.

From time to time all moveable parts particularly at the rivets should be treated with a silicon-free spray.
The frame was treated with rust protection to provide a proper basic protection. If not maintained properly, „flash rust“ might occur. This also applies to tours on beaches near salt water as the salt content has the same effect. Please remove flash rust on the pram and on the rim immediately with a polishing agent.
The guarantee does not apply in this case.